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Centennial Hall, Juneau, Alaska

April 11-17, 2005

31st Annual Alaska Folk Festival Schedule


Guest Artists for the 31st:


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Monday, April 11 * Centennial Hall
7:00 Jazzesorri * Douglas
Students from the Montessori adolescent program jazz improv class
Juneau Montessori Jazz Ensemble.
7:15 Kray Van Kirk * Juneau
Singer/Songwriter &endash; From the Shores of Wales to the dust of Gilgamesh.
7:30 Twice the Size of My Belly * Juneau
Aldyn Brudie, Charli Childers
Sit back and listen while we pick out the M & M's.
7:45 Jeff Hill * Juneau
Two or three self-written ballads.
8:00 Tom Waits For No One * Douglas
Michael Bucy, Buzz Ritter, Albert McDonnell, Robert Cohen
Vocal, guitar, bass, percussion and trombone playing Tom Waits tunes.
8:15 Don't Go, Stey * Juneau
Jim Stey, Martha Stey
8:30 Dave Stancliff & Friends * Tok
Dave Stancliff, Becky Miller, Laurie Miller, Luke Nelson, Eileen Cote,
John Germain, Connie Nelson, Rich Matson, Bob Rearson
"Making A Joyful Noise"
8:45 Dave Bowen and Bruce Gartner * San Diego, California
Performers of Traditional Irish and Scottish tunes and songs
(with a little American Old-Time for good measure).
9:00 The Preserves Festival Band * Juneau
Tony Tengs, Albert McDonnell, George Wallace, Bill Glude, Joyce Levine,
Jane Roodenburg, Greg Pease, Angelo Norfleet, Bonnie Herbold, Helen Tengs
Another volley from this motley crew.
9:15 The Invisible Circus * Juneau
Brian Sullivan and friends
One Hand Clapping.
9:30 Out of the Blue * Douglas
Joe Funk, Kathleen Wiest, Craig Mapes, John Sisk play a few folk classics
9:45 Teri Tibbett * Juneau
Original songs & stories
10:00 The Buckley Women * Juneau
Linda Buckley, Cadie Buckley, Ann Marie Buckley, Aunt Gladi Kulp-Buckley
Back after 2 years with more original songs and surprise back up
10:15 Rory Merritt Stitt * Juneau
When not appearing as trailer trash punk rock transsexual Hedwig, Rory moonlights as a starry eyed singer/songwriter soulfully seducing you with his compadre, the piano animal
10:30 Patrice Helmar * Juneau
Original songs
Emcee: Grace Elliott
Stage Manager: Laura Lucas
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Tuesday, April 12 * Centennial Hall

7:00 Off The Beaten Path String Band * Gustavus
Mary Jo Barry, Sarah Braden, Jeb Cozby, Cora Little, Sol Martinez, Andrew McDonough,
Toby Ortega, Janice Smith, Forrest Young, Barrett Zobrist, Ellie Sharman
Romp and stomp to old-time tunes played by Gustavus School Junior High students.
7:15 Ken Burch * Juneau
The same old thing and God knows what else.
7:30 Singing Strings * Douglas
Russ Eacker, Judy Eacker, Brian Messing, Kevin Sellers, Ross Writer
Country gospel dressed in roots fashion by artists imported from SW Utah who join local sourdoughs.
7:45 Irene Muller * Juneau
Back again to sing her heart out for Juneau.
8:00 JDHS Percussion Ensemble * Juneau
Walker Janelle, Nick Wagner, Alex Nelson, Ricky Kennedy
A Latin salsa percussion ensemble.
8:15 John Palmes * Juneau
Xweilk' dances with dingoes.
8:30 Eric McDowell * Juneau
Alaska stuff.
8:45 Sameboat Stringband * Juneau
Sergei Morosan, Julie Benner
Old timey goodness.
9:00 Joni Packard * Lolo, Montana
Former Juneauite Joni Packard returns to Alaska, singing original songs of life and love and the magic and beauty of places wild. Her gentle folk style will inspire and appeal to all ages. Come join the fun!
9:15 Bluescast * Juneau
J. Althea, Laury Roberts Scandling, Ron Clarke, Ed Schoenfeld, Jeff Brown
News in 2-1/2-part harmony.
9:30 The Last Stooge Standing * Juneau
Jane Roodenburg
So, I'm in this hallway, with all these doors, and I can't decide which to open.
9:45 Rainee Godwin * Juneau
With Terri Gallant, Albert McDonnell, Melissa Zahasky, Henry Hopkins
Some songs to sing about!
10:00 Natalie Edelson * Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Original tunes from the marsh.
10:15 Sophie and the Blue Jays * Juneau
Sophie Lager, Jeremiah Blankenship, Doug Fanniack, John Lager
The band "rocks" and Sophie "rolls" out the tunes.
10:30 Caribe * Juneau
Richard Benavides, Brian Idzik, Andrew Keeffe, John Ingalls,
Antonio Diaz, Alejandro Reina
Latin classics.
Emcee: Cheryl Levitt
Stage Manager: Ann Gifford
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Wednesday, April 13 * Centennial Hall

7:00 The Heart Strings * Juneau
Austin, Sierra, Ethan, Aidan, Jasper, Reuben, Rhys, Robert, Tony, Ruby, Ellie, Zori, Rielly, Finn, Thomas, Jack, Nancy, Myrica, Chelsea, Will, Elias, Aldyn, Forest, Jonathon, Lena, Travis, Gabrielle,
Jigs, a boat song and a hornpipe&emdash;20 fiddles, a guitar and a banjo.
7:15 Girls with Guitars * Juneau
Haley Nelson, Lydia Kline, McKenzie Mulder, Cory Mulder, Lenka Craig
Folk songs with flair.
7:30 Prince of Wales Gospel Bluegrass Band * Craig
Dean Blankenship, Patty Holley, Nan Wangerin, Vicki Yockey
Traditional bluegrass and gospel string band from Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska.
7:45 Kahdushan * Juneau
Michael Dunlap
Another successful violation of the Patriot Act for the revolution of love,
before the thought police take control.
8:00 Zahasky Family String Band * Juneau
Abby, Quinn, Laura, Melissa, & Paul Zahasky
It won't be long and we won't be "cool" enough to play with our kids anymore, but we still are.
8:15 Martha DeFreest and Ric Romerin * Juneau
Singer/songwriter performs original material.
8:30 So Wat Dee Krab * Juneau
Chai Reungjan, Tony Newman, Brad Gobel, Adam Farabee
Thai classical music - spicy, salty, sweet, and sour all at once.
8:45 Wayne Alex/Ol' Timey Factory * Juneau
Some folk tunes, some just old songs, with one of the guitars I've made in the ol' timey factory.
9:00 Patshiva * Juneau
Samia, Rob, Megan, Phyllis, Pilar, Anaan, Maren
African and Middle Eastern authentic rhythms, and world fusion dance!
9:15 The Douglas Basscadets * Juneau
Tasha Walen, Lincoln Farabee, Ceann Murphy, Patrick Murphy
Monroe says "They're like cellos on steroids."
9:30 Andy Baker * Anchorage
Based out of Anchorage, a travellin' singer-songwriter with a new CD called "American Journey."
9:45 Simple Messengers * Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Pete Beattie, Mary Beattie
"Fortified by moose meat."
10:00 Pat Henry * Juneau
Songs from Jeanie's kitchen.
10:15 Noon Hour Nook * Juneau
Rod Grist, Josh Lockhart, Tully Dovine
Original music, acoustic guitar and mandolin.
10:30 Costa's Greasy Griddle Lickers * Juneau
Collette Costa, Big Al, Lindy Loo, Mars E. Doats, Cap'n Woodford
Delectable drippings of rendered pork products makes for fluffy, ample biscuits.
The diner's open every morning by 8 a.m.!
Emcee: Jane Roodenburg
Stage Manager: Anne Fuller
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Thursday Evening, April 14 * Centennial Hall

7:00 JCCS Firefly Fiddlers * Juneau
Calder, Sierra, Aurri, Denali, Chelsea, possibly more fiddlers from the Juneau Community Charter School led by instructor Lisa Miles
Fiddle & folk melodies.
7:15 Mary DeSmet & Greg Burger * Juneau
Full Circle "one more round."
7:30 Seward Family Band * Juneau
Rob Seward, Marian Seward, Anna Seward
Our family's fifth AFF together!
7:45 Art John & Friends * Tagish, Yukon Territory
Cowboy singer.
8:00 Jawbone
Bruce Molsky, Tony Trischka, and Paula Bradley
Our Guest Artists for the 31st Annual Alaska Folk Festival!
8:45 Rik Palieri * Hinesboro, Vermont
Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and storyteller, Rik is a very energetic performer
who captivates audiences of all ages.
9:00 Panhandle Crabgrass Revival Band * Juneau
Father JP, Panhandle Slim, Cap. Ferg, Princess M, Silvertongue
9:15 Ashley Ahrens * Juneau
Fingerpicked, acoustic-metal, 6 & 12 string, bluegrass and folk guitar.
9:30 Western Hemlock Society * Petersburg
Scott Hursey, Justin Anderson, Carin Christensen, Chris Marshall, Nicole Clowery
Good friends, original tunes from a small island town. No, we won't make you drink the tea.
9:45 Willis Fireball * Fairbanks
Trying desperately to set a harmonica on fire…
10:00 Katie Henry * Davis, California
Home girl makes annual pilgrimage to Alaska folk mecca, new songs in tow.
10:15 Plum Bob and the Freeloaders * Tacoma, Washington and Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Kevin Cavanagh, Evan Read Mullins, Barry Goldstein, Nadine Landry
Honky tonk music.
10:30 Mark & Scott with a little help from our friends * Juneau
Mark Bush, C. Scott Fry, Jeremy "Jr." Kane, Andrew Heist
Emcee: Jack Fontanella
Stage Manager: Greg Beck & Rachel Beck
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Dance Schedule: Thursday Evening, April 14 * National Guard Armory 

9:00 Urbana Desert * Juneau
Brandon Sivertson, Travis Croteau, Justin Heard, Nelson Sanford
Alternative music resulting from living in Juneau all our lives.
10:00 Brown Haven * Juneau
Alex Romero, Darin Jensen, Damien Horvath
3-piece alternative rock band.
11:00 Sofa Kings * Douglas
Albert McDonnell, Eric Holle, Patrick Murphy, Bob Banghart
Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…
Dancemaster: Maren Thomas


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Friday Evening, April 15 * Centennial Hall

7:00 Slightly Askew * Fairbanks
Jody March, Collin Stackhouse, Kyla McGroarty, Katie Sousa, Kari Martin, Aurora Bowers, Ryan Bowers
Teenagers brought together for the music, of the music, and by the music,
so that music shall not perish from the earth! (kudos to Abe)
7:15 Lia Zito & Chris Behnke * Fairbanks
Traditional Irish music on fiddle & uilleann pipes. Lia will be visiting Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks
this summer and is available for lessons; liazito@lycos.com; home.gci.net/~liazito
7:30 Melanie Trost * Palmer
Acoustic guitar and vocals. A blend of folk, country, and alternative.
7:45 Joe Page, Jay Marvin & Kate Hamre * Anchorage
Straight ahead bluegrass with no curves.
8:00 Alaska's Fiddler's Convention
8:15 Polar Drive * Fairbanks
Charlie Hunt, Nancy Bayer, Betty Connor, Bill Connor
Music to dance by. French Canadian and swing.
8:30 Belly Meat * Sitka
Ernie Eggleston, Lee Asnin, Gary Gouker
Traditional and original country blues and jug band music with a Southeast Alaska flavor.
8:45 Stewart "Flash" Ely * Pelican
9:00 The Arch Tops * Juneau
Odin Brudie, Bill Childers
Archetopical tunes tailored special for Festival 31.
9:15 Bear Paw Pickers * Hoonah
Stephanie Harold, Ben McLuckie, Bob Clark
Tunes from the den.
9:30 Lou Nathanson * Anchorage
Lou Nathanson, Kristen Holmes
Once a household name, this washed up, used up, has-been kicks off his exciting comeback tour
right here in Juneau.
9:45 Riley Woodford * Juneau
Songs from my new CD, "Applehood and Motherpie."
10:00 Jim Kerr's Variety (1/4) Hour * Anchorage
Jim Kerr, Peter Crimp, Denise Martin, Amanda Kerr. Anyone else with the right combination
of foolishness & talent&emdash;I hope that will mean at least 2 or three others.
Music, juggling, stories & (bad) jokes&emdash;most of which are original & impromptu.
10:15 Five Buck Fiddle * Fairbanks
Pete Bowers, Phil Cassel, Sherri Hadley, Kliff Hopson, Joe Karson
Catch 'em while you can! This is Five Buck Fiddle's final performance!
10:30 J ason Messing * Juneau
Original acoustic folk and rock.
10:45 Rudy Saccomanno * Ketchikan
Singer-songwriter&emdash;all original songs of folk-country style. Won highest score for a song from
Southeast Alaska in the 2004 APRN Song of the Year contest.
11:00 Clark County * Ester
J R Kane, Nate Swartz, George Art Gianakopoulos, Slim Pickins
Boo! We're back, let's pick!!
Emcee: Collette Costa
Stage Manager: Emily Kane
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Dance Schedule: Friday Evening, April 15 * National Guard Armory

7:00 Foghorn String Band * Portland, Oregon
Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind, Kevin Sandri, Brian Bagdonas, P.T. Grover, Jr.
Caller: TBA
Old-time Appalachian-style string band
8:00 Power Play * Gig Harbor, Washington
Charli Meacham, Eric Anderson
Caller: Odette Foster
Steaming Hot Contras
9:00 Rueben's * Juneau
Andy, Jack, Eric, J.B, Seano
Caller: Jim Grammel
You like groove - we got groove; you like rhythm - we got rhythm; you like to dance - we like to play.
10:00 The Lun(d)gren Sisters and friends * Spokane, Washington
Judy Lungren, Kari Lundgren, John Hatton, Peter Apathy, Gary Lewis, Bruce Gartner
Caller: Valerie DeLaune
Sibling revelry run amok.
11:00 Red Hoochie & the Tomcods * Ketchikan
Bruce Schwartz, Sher Schwartz, Terry O'Hara, Warren Argo, Peter Apathy
Caller: Kari Lundgren
Old time southern band from Ketchikan, Alaska
12:00 Raisin' Holy Hell * Ester
Thomas Hart, Sherri Hadley, Bob Bell, Eric Graves, Kliff Hopson, George Gianakopoulos
An intricate mosaic of multi-textured instrumentation & an explosive evocation of prophetic madness that you can dance to.
Dancemaster: Jim Grammel
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Saturday Afternoon, April 16 * Centennial Hall

12:00 Alaska Youth Choir * Juneau
A non-profit young people's choir providing excellence in choral singing, advanced music,
and touring opportunities to young people ages 8 through 18 in community of Juneau.
12:15 We Are Boys * Juneau
Riley Paul, Peter Jorgensen, Ben Gelotte
2 guitars and a singer.
12:30 Rory of Ardbawn * Hoonah/Sitka
Retired jingle singer/radio & TV.
12:45 John Priestley Jr. * Juneau
Woody, Merle, Willie, Graham, Robt, Earl. May write a song of my own by 3/4/5.
1:00 Rand & Zoey Brice Bigelow * Sitka
Father & daughter strummer & fiddler.
1:15 Kim Beggs * Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Folk/roots singer/songwriter/recording artist.
1:30 Mary and the Miscreants * Ketchikan
Mary Kowalczyk, Terry O'Hara, Rudy Saccomanno
Acoustic trio, guitar, mandolin, rhythm and harmonics.
1:45 George Wallace * Juneau
Singer, writer, piano player, satirist, social observer.
2:00 70% Loco * Dawson City, Yukon Territory
Simon Crelli, Skogen Sallstrom, Marg Tatum
Two teenage boys (one from Norway, one from the Yukon). We're stuck in Dawson
at 60 below and reduced to 30% sanity from excessive fiddling.
2:15 Michael Stackhouse * Fairbanks
Original folk songs from the CD "Coming Home."
2:30 Juneau Pioneer's Home Songsters * Juneau
Residents, staff, family and friends of the Juneau Pioneers Home.
Reckless abandon of harmony in unison
2:45 Lynda Collins * San Francisco, California
Singer-songwriter in the folk tradition, elements of Dylan, Denver, Indigo Girls;
folk with a touch of spiritual blues.
3:00 Hiram Henry * Juneau
Fingerlickin' fingerpickin' homespun re-runs and some silly antics.
3:15 English Country Dance Music for as many as will * Sitka
Workshop members
English country dance music.
3:30 New Archangel Dancers * Sitka
Seven dancers and three musicians performing Russian folk dance.
Emcee: Ed Schoenfeld
Stage Manager: Genevieve Smith

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 Saturday Evening, April 16 * Centennial Hall  

7:00 Fire on McGinnis * Juneau
Laurie Gardner, Doug Gardner, Dayna Robertson, Dave Sheakley, Lazlo McGinnis
Celtic folk rock.
7:15 Robin Hopper * Chugiak
Robin's songs will either tickle your funny bone, or make you reach for the Kleenex box…
Winner, 2003 APRN Song of the Year.
7:30 Red Elk * Anchorage
Richard Gelardin, Linda Ziegler
Western swing, country traditional
7:45 Burl Sheldon * Haines
Pick guitar, fill fruit jar and be gay-o
8:00 Ruby Rangers * Haines Junction, Yukon Territory
Bob Hayes, Richard Godson, Peter Upton
Old time instruments playing original music from the junction end of the Haines road
8:15 Kevin Barr * Carcross, Yukon Territory
Singer songwriter
8:30 Ron Wise * Willow
Mr. Wise is a talented finger-style guitarist. He emphasizes the Chet Atkins style of finger picking, and mixes it with jazz and modern music. He has performed at the Opryland Hotel, Golden Nugget in Vegas,
and as a backup on the road for well-known performers
8:45 Booth Family Bluegrass * Anchorage
Dan Booth, Corey Booth, Scott Norris, Todd Grebe
Dan Booth and his father Greg Booth gettin' her done
9:00 Dave Manning * Anchorage
Dave Manning, Rolfe Buzzell
Dave is gearin' up for his summer tour. Last year he and "Vincent" his '65 VW bus played honkytonks from the Yukon to Reno including opening for piano legend Mose Allison in Montana.
9:15 Buddy Tabor * Juneau
HOPE is the first step toward real despair. Buddy, the Singing House Painter.
9:30 No Time Flatt * Fairbanks
Gary Markley, Daniel Berberich, Nathan Swartz, George Gianakopoulos, Carl Hoffman
Traditional bluegrass, Fairbanks, Alaska style.
9:45 Mando Picktika * Fairbanks
Dave Misiuk, Kim Blair, Charlie Hunt
Mandolin mayhem.
10:00 Live Bait * Seattle, Washington
Susan Lewandowski, Lindy Dickson, Seano Tracey, Andy Fergie
Heft a glass. It's time to go honky tonkin'!
10:15 The Emeralds * Anchorage
Matt Crimp, Amanda Kerr, Martha Leffek, Eric Rogers, Tyler Tornfelt
In their 5th AFF set, playing acoustic jazz numbers from their new CD "Off the Edge."
10:30 Silver Ravens * Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Gary Lachance, Rob Hunter, Tim Naylor, Graeme Peters
Yukon's answer to the Byrds. Silver Ravens&emdash;a slightly more mature Raven - eat one today!
10:45 Jawbone * Post-Concert Dance
Paula Bradley, Tony Trischka, Bruce Molsky • Callers: Warren Argo, Tom Paul
Emcee: Greg Maloney
Stage Manager: John Laskey


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Dance Schedule: Saturday Evening, April 116 * National Guard Armory

7:00 The Um-Pa Band * Juneau
Dale Wygant, Nathan Bastuscheck, Julia Bastuscheck, Steve Tada, Karen Blue, Jim Rogers, Russell Strandtmann
Lively Scandinavian, German and Polish tunes.
8:00 Daddy-O * Juneau
Sam Burrous, C. Scott Fry, Dale McFarland, Sean Tracey
Blues a la King Tones, Sammy style, Oh yeah!
9:00 What Remains G Juneau
David Conway, Walker Janelle, Nick Parmentier, Ryan Sotomayer
Rock 'n' Roll that will have you humming along and dancing for hours!
10:00 Mid-Life Ramblers * Juneau
Gordon Chew, Mark Meyer, Gary Rice, Pete Bogert, Ross Soboleff
Tenakee Springs local band &endash; we have not settled on a name
11:00 The Bluesband * Gustavus
Justin Smith, Adrian Minne, Vern Fowler, Steve Nelson
Both kinds&emdash;blues and funk.
12:00 Salsa Borealis * Juneau
Antonio Diaz, Russell Sandstrom, Albert McDonnell, Eric Ocasio, Mike Bucy, Marc Ramonda,Mike Stanley
Time to shake that booty! Salsa, merengue, cha cha, mambo and more from Alaska's hottest Latin band.

Dancemaster: Riley Woodford

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Sunday Afternoon, April 17 * Centennial Hall

12:00 Chiaroscuro * Juneau
Andrea Mogil, Kathryn Kurtz, Sean Ottoson and others
More songs & friends, we hope you enjoy it!
12:15 Musala * Fairbanks
Luke Beckel, Phil Cassel, Beth Chrisman
Balkan Gypsy and World Folk trio
12:30 Aaron Mattley * Juneau
Funk rhythm blues on a Jazz Tip.
12:45 Wood-Man * Crozet, Virginia
David Wood
Eclectic and original acoustic blues bottleneck slide guitar, vocals.
1:00 Sonny Chandler & Stephanie Chandler * Auke Bay
Acoustic Guitar Instrumental, Vocal
1:15 Callie Conerton * Juneau
Callie Conerton, Katie Poor, Bridget Galvin, Sean Galvin, Cooper Galvin, Riley Paul
A bunch of friends all singing just for you.
1:30 Julie Mae Pigott, SongSister * Clinton, Washington
Celebrating Community, Spirit & Play. Visit me at www.songsister.com
1:45 Know When to Quit * Juneau
Terry Hoskinson, Glenn Hoskinson, Frederick Hoskinson
Two amateurs and a harmonic
2:00 TwoCan * Juneau
Gani, Corin
Music and Love, Bread and Roses.
2:15 Scott Miller * Juneau
Original songs from the upcoming CD.
2:30 Bryce Edgmon * Dillingham
Kate has been living in Whitehorse for a year & a half and has gained respect as a diverse songwriter.
Original music from Bristol Bay
2:45 Ken Waldman, Alaska's Fiddling Poet * Anchorage
Old time fiddle, some poems, maybe & a friend or two
3:00 Rick Miller * Anchorage
Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the management
3:15 Vic Cano * Friday Harbor, Washington
Folk ballads with meaning
3:30 Ed Schoenfeld & Family & Friends * Douglas
Jon Pollard, Elizabeth & Maggie Schoenfeld
Political satire, parodies, and social comment. So many issues, so little time!
Emcees/Stage Managers: The Pisel-Davis Family
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Sunday Evening, April 17 * Centennial Hall 7:00 Juneau Pride Chorus * Juneau

7:00 Juneau Pride Chorus * Juneau
Leslie Wood, Jacque Farnsworth, Kelly Henriksen, Megan Behnke, Cindy Boesser, Kristen Bomengen, Marsha Buck, Cheryl Cook, Judy Crondahl, Eve Dillingham, Jean Findley, Mary Graham, Stacey Harper, Kathy Hocker, Ingrid Judson, Kim Kiefer, Maureen Longworth, Pat McLear, Marianne Mills, Brenda Overcast, gani et se, Andy Petersson, Bonita Rohla, Jill Sandleben, Sue Schrader, Jeannette St. George, Pat Tagart, Paula Terrel, Bonnie Turner, Linda Vallie, Christina Wallace,Taffy Wells, Corin Whittemore

A chorus of mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers and grandmothers whose common bond is a love of singing and the desire to celebrate diversity.
7:15 Skagway Beach Picnic * Skagway
Barbara Kalen, Ardy Miller, Mary Beattie, Pete Beattie, Rob Miller, Coney Danitz, Mike Wanner
More of grandma's old favorites.
7:30 Doyle Burnett * Anchorage
The funniest folk songs ever - really!
7:45 Big Grass * Douglas
Brooke Munro, Andrew Heist, Jeremy Kane, Scott Burton
Big ass bluegrass!
8:00 Michael Truax * Juneau
Mike, party of one.
8:15 Green Wood * Haines
Kris Jones, Lindy Dickson, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Señor Tocino
Straight out of the wood shed…
8:30 The Lilting Banshees * Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Mary Tatam, Charlie Wilson, Jerome McIntyre, Craig Marcuk, Bob Jones
Living next door has its advantages. The neighborhood will start doing a jig to their energetic Irish tunes
and songs.
8:45 Will Putman * Fairbanks
Original stuff from the edge of the middle of nowhere.
9:00 Jawbone
Tony Trischka, Bruce Molsky, Paula Bradley
Our Guest Artists for the 31st Annual Alaska Folk Festival!
Emcee: Jeff Brown
Stage Manager: Patricia Macklin


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Songwriter's Showcase
Saturday and Sunday
Backroom at the Silverbow
All-Day Coffee & Jam
St. Ann's Parish Hall (5th & Gold) * Friday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Potluck breakfast and lunch provided by Juneau contradancers.
Enjoy the food, a huge open band,
dancing, sweet reunions, and if weather cooperates,
fill the streets with music outside the dance hall.
Bring your instrument & dancing shoes.
Juneau folks bring a dish to share
with our out-of-town dancers and musicians
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