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30th Annual


Centennial Hall, Juneau, Alaska

April 12-18, 2004

30th Annual Alaska Folk Festival Schedule

Juneau Empire's 30th Special
Including Photos


Guest Artists for the 30th:
The Hot Club of Cowtown
Dance Band:
Maya Soleil
Guest caller:
Bill Martin


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Monday, April 12 * Centennial Hall
7:00 Ursa Minor String Ensemble & Aurora String Ensemble Juneau
Auri Clark, Maggie Ross, Jacob Sanders, Colin Zheng, Rebekah Badilla,
David Miller, Denali Wents,Denali Hyatt, Lindsay Clark, Lorri Heagy, Guohua Xia
Fun ensemble music
7:15 Eric McDowell Juneau
7:30 Don't Go, Stey Juneau
Jim and Martha Stey
7:45 Irene Muller Juneau
She just won't stay away!
8:00 Tim Huffman Juneau
Tim Huffman, Katherine Davey, Hollin Stevens
8:15 Invisible Circus Juneau
Brian Sullivan
One hand clapping
8:30 The Bellwether Social & Supper Club Auke Bay
Eclectic string and vocal group
8:45 John Palmes Juneau
About 5'10˜, 165 lbs., grey hair, blue eyes, mouthbow in left hand
9:00 Fiery Gypsies Juneau
Steve Tada, Dale Wygant, Karen Blue, John Staub, Bruce Simonson
9:15 Ashley Ahrens Juneau
Solo finger-style acoustic guitar
9:30 Toni & Pat Fagg (DA777) Juneau
Pat Fagg, Toni Fagg, Bill Paddock, Mark Everett
9:45 Lee Zimmerman - The Celloman Hot Springs, Montana
Solo cello/vocalist
10:00 Zahasky String Band Juneau
Laura Zahasky, Quinn Zahasky, Paul Zahasky and Melissa Zahasky
American Bluegrass/folk tunes
10:15 Debbie Filori Burrous Douglas
Debbie Burrous, Sam Burrous
Singer Folk Blues Rock - I've been singing all my life - professionally
at times & for fun all the time - played locally in Juneau & Ketchikan
10:30 Daughters of the New Moon & El Sehr Juneau
Matt Gamble and Friends, Phaedra, Leila Zahara, Anaan, Katiyja, Majida,
Diana, Eliza, Pilar
Middle Eastern dance performed to exciting percussion rhythms
Emcee: Sean Tracy
Stage Manager: Adrienne Bosworth
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Tuesday, April 13 * Centennial Hall

7:00 Alaska Youth Choir Juneau
The Alaska Youth Choir celebrates its 10th year
7:15 Laurie Clough, Wendy Byrnes, Cricket Curtain Juneau
Fiddle, harp & guitar - Some tunes from the Orkney Islands & also some vocals
7:30 Naomi Hooley Juneau
Solo artist performing original compositions
7:45 Doyle Burnett and Friends Anchorage
A flash from the past - it"s 29 years since my first (then) Juneau Folk Festival. What Memories!
8:00 Light at the End of the Tundra Juneau
Aldyn Brudie, Adrienne Bosworth, Lindsay Clark, Logan Miller, Hannah Wilson, Robin Woodby
Six of Juneau's next generation back for more fiddlin'
8:15 Masha Herbst Juneau
Girl with purple guitar
8:30 The Bluescast Juneau
Laury Roberts Scandling, J. Althea, Ron Clarke, Jeff Brown, Ed Schoenfeld
Humor and songs for the politically reclined
8:45 Dave Stancliff & Friends Tok
Becky Miller, Laurie Miller, Floyd Seigler, Dave Stancliff
Alaska music artists having fun!
9:00 Seward Family Band Juneau
Anna Seward, Marian Seward, Rob Seward
Old time harmony - we ain't from Seward, we ARE the Sewards!
9:15 Rainee Godwin and the Bantogether Juneau
Rainee Godwin, Terri Gallant, Melissa Zahasky, Henry Hopkins, Albert McDonnell
9:30 Jerry Grant Juneau
Acoustic guitar and singing
9:45 Green Wood Haines
Eli Jones, Lindy Dickson and Friends
Bluegrass flavored original songs
10:00 Daniel Trail Wrangell
A verdantatious blend of dumbek and voice. Captivating rhythmic
interplay. Join me in the zone.
10:15 Tribe Wise Juneau
Alex Bloomfield, Chloe Watkins, Lacey Leskovas, Allen Nichols, Meghan
Williams, Nick Foster, Caleb Wylie
Fusional Reggae jam
10:30 Earthen Vessel Juneau
Winston Smith, Lee Ray Clements, John Schauwecker, Chris McDowell,
Ray Thibodeau, Rick Thibodeau, Kelly King, Nathan Parmelee, Vincent Lew
Folk group performing contemporary Christian praise songs.
Emcee: Susan Fitzgerald
Stage Managers: Rachel Beck & Greg Beck
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Wednesday, April 14 * Centennial Hall

7:00 Juneau Pride Chorus Juneau
Leslie Wood, Jacque Farnsworth, Kelly Henrickson, Marsha Buck, Chris
Blust, Kathy Buss, Cheryl Cook, Judy Crondahl, Lorie Daniels, Katherine Davey, Eve Dillingham, Jean Findley, Pamela
Finley, Mary Graham, Stacey Harper, Kathy Hocker, Kim Kiefer, Maureen Longworth, Pat McLear, Marianne Mills, Andy
Peterson, Gani Ruthellen, Jill Sandlaben, Sue Schrader, Jeanette St. George, Anne Stadnychenko, Pat Tagart, Paula Terrel,
Bonnie Turner, Linda Vallie, Christina Wallace, Taffy Wells, Corin Whittemore
We are a chorus of mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers and grandmothers. Our common bond is a love of singing
as we join to celebrate our diversity.

7:15 O-Fiddle-Sticks Juneau

Callie Conerton, Camden Galvin, Bridget Galvin, Cooper Galvin, Sean Galvin, Riley Paul and Friends
Fun music for fun people of all ages performed by kids from 3 to 50
7:30 Kahdushan (Michael Dunlap) Juneau
No politics and I don't lie
7:45 Skagway Beach Picnic Skagway & Juneau
Barbara Kalen, Ardy Miller, Rob Miller, Pete Beattie, Mary Beattie, Mike Wanner, Coney Danitz
A few old chestnuts found on the beach at Skagway
8:00 Jim Senka Smithers, British Columbia
Traditional American acoustic (guitar/vocal) - flatpicking fiddle tunes,
Bluegrass & Ragtime (plus a few Jazz standards)
8:15 Twin Fathers of Distinct Daughters Juneau
Odin Brudie and Bill Childers
We hope, some day, to open for Charli & Aldyn! For now we'll shut up and play.
8:30 Twice the Size of My Belly Juneau
Aldyn Brudie and Charli Childers
Two local young ladies on vocals, guitar and violin.
8:45 Josh Lockhart & Rod Crist Juneau
Original guitar and mandolin duo - all acoustic original music
9:00 Shrieking Badgers Juneau, Petersburg, Jerusalem
Peter Kenyon, Scott Hursey, Bob Banghart, Patrick Murphy
When Charlie Parker meets Lyle Lovett at Humphry Bogart's house...
˜Badgers? We don't need no shrieking badgers...˜
9:15 Art Johns Tagish, Yukon
Art Johns, with friends at AFF
Old and new country music
9:30 J. Elvis & the Graceland Girls Juneau
J. Althea, Cheryl Bschor, Martha DeFreest, Kelly Henrickson, Emily Kane
J. Althea is a fake! She is really Elvis©ˆ long lost twin sister and she has entered the building.
9:45 Carpe Diem Juneau
Justine Bishop, Richard Bloomquist, Brian Elliot, Hal Geiger, Terry
Quinn, Kathleen Wiest Vin, Wind, and Sin
10:00 Patshiva Juneau
Samia, Randy, Char, Phyllis, Pilar, Rob, Adrienne, Ann, Ira, Pete, Cherri
American Tribal Style, Indo-Afro-Romany-Gitano-Contemporary Bellydance Fusion
10:15 Glacial Erratics Juneau
Betsy Sims, Martha Stey, Kim Barlow
10:30 Costa's Muca Pazzas Juneau
Colette Cos'
It's just like Uncle Guido used to say, "Don't worry about it; I'm payin'!" Manga!!
Emcee: Riley Woodford
Stage Managers: Anne Gifford
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Thursday Evening, April 15 * Centennial Hall

  7:00 Ursa Major String Ensemble Juneau
Ren DeCherney, Franz Felkl, Megan Bush, Kelsey Preecs, Taylor Hubbard,
Ann Robertson, Nina Schwinghammer, Eamon Conheady, Travis Blair,
Hunter Brown, Daniel Piorkowski, Abe Levy, Lorri Heagy, GuoHua Xia
Dance Music! 1) Hungarian Dance 2) Spanish Dance 3) Chinese Dance 4) American Dance (Hoedown)
7:15 Steve Brown Fairbanks
Steve, Leighton, Marie, Fred, Beth, Jessica
Steve Brown accompanied by some Fairbanks friends perform his original songs with a complete band.
7:30 The String Sisters San Ramon, California
Kathleen Rushing, Julie Machakos, Coney Dantz, Melissa Zahasky
From Lompoc, California to Juneau, Alaska and points in between Ð
Calaska flavored Folk Gospel Grass
7:45 Buddy Tabor Juneau
The singing house painter, call me for a free estimate - 364-2280
8:00 Hot Club of Cowtown Austin, Texas
Elana Fremerman, Jake Erwin, Whit Smith
Our Guest Artists for the 30th Annual Alaska Folk Festival!
8:45 Grant Dermody and Friends Seattle, Washington
Grant Dermody, Forrest Gibbson, Scott Meyer
We're going to play some tunes from Grant's new CD
9:00 Justin Smith Gustavus
Solo acoustic guitar
9:15 Cheryl and the Saloon Boys Juneau
Cheryl Bschor, Denny Bschor, Martha DeFreest, Alan Michael
In the tradition of Lloyd Wanzer, Bob Wills and Asleep at the Wheel, featuring vocals of Cheryl Bschor
9:30 Bear Paw Pickers Hoonah
Ben McLuckie, Bob Clark, Stephanie Harold
Tunes from the den
9:45 Rocky Del Arnold Juneau
Singer, songwriter (latest originals)
10:00 Lousiaska Fairbanks
Jessica Knott, Marie Mitchell, Leighton Nunez,
Fred Weiss, Beth Chrisman
Interior style Swampgrass from the marshes of Ester
10:15 Hunt/Bayer Fairbanks
Nancy Bayer and Charlie Hunt
10:30 Alien Noncombatants Juneau
Jan NiDonovan and Ken Burch
Music for the indefinitely detained
10:45 Sarahsea and Sweet Three Fairbanks
Fred Weiss, Jessica Knott, Leighton Nunez, Sarah C. Hanson
Sarah C. Hanson grew up in Juneau and has found a lot to sing about.
She performs with three members of a Fairbanks Favorite: Lousiaska.
Emcee: Don Drew
Stage Manager: Anne Fuller
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Dance Schedule: Thursday Evening, April 15 * National Guard Armory 

 9:00 Otis Uplift Experience Juneau
Jack Fontanella, Johnse Ostman, Slim Shady, Bloovis Radcliffe, Fergus Graybeard
Caller: Bill Martin
Crankin' old time escalator straight to the top. Watch the shoelaces!
10:00 Leif Saya Juneau
Leif Saya, Lis Saya
Caller: Lynn Basham
Dance music for the light and bright-hearted
11:00 The Foghorn Stringband Portland, Oregon
Caleb Klauder, Sammy Lind, Kevin Sandri, Brian Bagdonas, P. T. Grover Jr.
Caller: Bill Martin
Old time appalachian style string band - performing fiddle and dance tunes
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Friday Evening, April 16 * Centennial Hall

7:00 Maya Soleil Seattle, Washington
Traditional African drum and vocals
7:30 Alaska Fiddlers' Convention/Panoramic Photo by Ron Klein
7:45 Slobberbox Anchorage
Joel Kadarauch, Joe Page, Danny Consenstein, Blonde Nate Williamson
Regressively simplistic in its primality. Old time music that sounds better than it is.
8:00 Susie Ross Whitehorse, Yukon
Original folk tunes from this Whitehorse performer will have you laughing or crying or tapping your toes!
8:15 Blazer, Hazeltine, Hartle, Apathy Sitka, Juneau
Rex Blazer, Sheri Hazeltine, John Hartle, Peter Apathy
So many tunes, so little time
8:30 Russ Kelly and Uncle Bookie's Band Juneau
Fred Weiss, Leighton Nunez, Jess Knott, Russ Kelly
Music inspired by the Spirit of Uncle Bookie
8:45 Pat Henry Juneau
Songs from Jeanie's Kitchen
9:00 Midnight Water Tucson, Arizona
Amber Norgaard
9:15 The Budget Crisis Chorus Juneau
Ed Schoenfeld, Jim Grammel, Rob Bosworth, Elizabeth Schoenfeld, Maggie Schoenfeld,
Laurie Clough, Cam Byrnes
Ed and Friends assume a choral form to address the State©ˆs fiscal and political crisis ... and have fun doing it.
9:30 Los Esposos Bethel
Joe Homlar, Paul Basile, Annie E. Farmer, Jon Grover, Izzy Yzcowitz
An interesting gulash of Rock, Easy Listening, and Soulgrass ... we promise nothing but shivers
9:45 Rick Miller Anchorage
Tipping over more Sacred Cows.
10:00 Ensemble Cafe Noir Anchorage
Richard Gelardin, Mike Mitchell, Maggie McQuaid
Red Elk and Friends present old Jazz and Swing standards from some smoky cabaret.
10:15 Simpletones Talkeetna
Kim Hutchings, Jim Stefanowski, Holly Hill, Murray Nash
Acoustic Old-Timey music from Talkeetna, Alaska
10:30 Mary DeSmet & Greg Burger Juneau
Music that swings "Full Circle"
10:45 Gary Westcott Seattle
Singer-guitarist performs in Seattle as a soloist and with Reggie Garrett
and Pamela Cook
Emcee: Collette Costa
Stage Manager: John Laskey
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Dance Schedule: Friday Evening, April 16 * National Guard Armory

7:00 Old Goat Juneau
Stagnator, The Doldrum, Digum Dregum, Joe Hosey, Marcus Beckman, Jacob Higgins
Norwegian folklore-metal. Check out our albums at Capital Records
8:00 Raisin' Holy Hell Ester
Eric Graves, Bob Bell, Thomas Hart, Nate Williamson, Hugh Nose
Rocking old timey, Gid Tanner meets Mick Jagger
9:00 Salsa Borealis Juneau
Russell Sandstrom, Mike Stanley, Mike Bucey, Marc Ramonda, Eric Ocasio,
Albert McDonnell, Antonio Diaz
The hottest salsa this side of the Arctic Circle
10:00 The C Notes Anchorage
Danny C., John Hartle, Bob Banghart, Mike Stanley, Adrian Minne
11:00 Hot Club of Cowtown Texas
Elana Fremerman, Jake Erwin, Whit Smith
Western swing from our Guest Artists!
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Saturday Afternoon, April 17 * Centennial Hall

12:00 Cliff and Julia Landis Mill Valley, California
Old-time music & Country duets
12:15 Acoust-A-Moose (Gangly Moose) Fairbanks
Dave Parks, John Knetchel, Kiff Hopson, Michael Dattola
Acoustic version of Alaska's best jam band!
12:30 Hogwallop Fairbanks
Dave Misiuk, Jennie Hogwallop, Missy Hogwallop
Old-time-bluegrass music if'n Jennie & Missy don't up'n ru-n-n-o-f-t
12:45 Kray Van Kirk Juneau
Singer-Songwriter with 6 & 12 string guitar
1:00 Mark and Scott Juneau
Mark Bush and C. Scott Fry
1:15 The Emeralds Anchorage
Martha Leffek, Amanda Kerr, Matt Smith, Matt Crimp, Ethan Barske, TylerTornfelt
The Emeralds, Anchorage©ˆs premier youth folk band, bring back their
fancy fiddling to the Alaska Folk Festival for the 4th year.
1:30 Denise Martin Anchorage
Hammered dulcimer tunes from her new CD, "Saturday Sensation"
1:45 Homegrown Girdwood
Melissa Costello, Dawn Venters
Female acoustic duo of two born & raised Alaskans
2:00 Bucks & Honey Whitehorse, Yukon
Dan Halen, Grant Hartwick, Graeme Peteres, Dale Cooper
Our newest project is "teacher" oriented, as most of our group are teachers.
A touch of satire with a wholesome message.
2:15 The Silver Ravens Whitehorse, Yukon
Gary Lachance and Rob Hunter
A delicate blend of youth & maturity, combining to form a truly Yukon
Style! Johnny Cash mates with Avril Lavigne
2:30 Ron Wise Willow
Finger-style Chet Atkins & Jerry Reed type tunes. Has played in Nashville at Opry Land Hotel
& toured in Vegas performing at the Golden Nugget Hotel. Now, living in Willow; writing
music and cutting CDs. A great, gifted player.
2:45 Scott Pavey Anchorage
Solo didgeridoo music
3:00 Julie Mae Pigott Clinton, Washington
Singer-songwriter returns to the Motherland
3:15 Slightly Askew Fairbanks
Collin Stackhouse, Jody March, Katie Sousa, Aurora Bowers, Kyla McGoarty, Ryan Bowers, Louise Foster
Five (well, more) Fairbanks teens who love to fiddle and hope you have a blast at AFF 30!
3:30 New Archangel Dancers ® Sitka
Traci Gale, Mary Alice Hamberg, Sara Hesse-Bruhl, Bobbi Jordan, Klaudia Leccese, Kelly Pratt,
Jeanne Stolberg, Sarah Warren, Kris Wilcox, with Dale Wygant, John Staub, and Steve Tada
Spirited and energetic folk dance from Russia and the surrounding regions
Emcee: Tracy Bird
Stage Manager: Susan Phillips
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 Saturday Evening, April 17 * Centennial Hall  

7:00 Amanda Kerr Anchorage
Amanda Kerr, Jim Kerr, maybe someone else
Fiddle contest champion, Western Open Jr. winner 2003, 4-time winner Alaska State Fair,
5th place Weiser National Jr. 2002 & 2003
7:15 Katie Henry West Lebanon, New Hampshire
7:30 The Docktones/Ace Boatbuilding Douglas
Bob Shorey, John Shedd, Chris Frary, Dale Ziel, Mary Healey, John Jamison, J.C.Wisenbaugh
7:45 Patrice Helmar Juneau
Songs for freight trains, small towns, hope, the charismatic 5%, the town drunks, and dreamers;
For your heart and the revolution
8:00 Well Strung Anchorage
Todd Grebe, Conor McManamin, Wade Collin, Jason Norris, Rion Schmidt
Acoustic bluegrass
8:15 Michael Stackhouse Fairbanks
Original country/folk songs from his recently (finally!) completed CD "Coming Home"
8:30 Panhandle Crabgrass Revival Band Juneau
Father JP, Panhandle Slim, Captain Ferg, Silvertongue, Princess M
8:45 Julie Rafferty Fairbanks
Julie Rafferty, Forrest Gibson, Alex Clarke
Fresh and frank jazz vocals from Julie's new CD "No Finer Place",
featuring Alex Clarke and Forrest Gibson
9:00 Hoe Slinger Fairbanks
Missy Beth Chrisman, Jimmie Jess Knott, Mandy Sue Bent
Honkytonk women singing sad songs for sad times.
9:15 The Page Brothers Anchorage
George Page, Joe Page, Robin Dale Ford, Joel Kadarauch
After 22 years, George and Joe Page reunite on stage
9:30 Five Buck Fiddle Fairbanks
Pete Bowers, Uncle Buck, Phil Cassel, Kliff Hopson, Joe Karson, Nate Williamson, Christa Wisneski
Hot old-time music and a cool new CD
9:45 Homade Jam Sitka
Kris Fulton, John Fulton, Tracy Turner, Andy Turner, Peter Apathy
Original Alaskan music about fishermen, their wives, and whales
10:00 Michael Truax Juneau
I promise to behave. I promise to behave. I promise to behave. I promise·
10:15 Simple Messengers Whitehorse, Yukon
Pete Beattie, Mary Beattie, Coney Danitz, Kevin Cavanagh
Fortified by moose meat
10:30 Maya Soleil Seattle, Washington
Saturday post-concert dance with our Guest Dance Band!
Emcee: Ishmael Hope
Stage Manager: Laura Lucas  
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Dance Schedule: Saturday, April 17 * National Guard Armory

 7:00 Fishing For Cats Sitka
Julie Schmitts, Ted Howard, Peter Apathy, Dean Orbison, Dorothy Orbison, Lauren Wild,
Jim DiGennaro, Kayla Boetcher, Bonnie Harris, John Simmons
Caller: Odette Foster
Sitka's hottest contra dance band
8:00 The Lun(d)gren Sisters - Sibling Revelry Spokane
Judy Lungren, Kari Lundgren, Ted Howard, Peter Apathy
Caller Valerie DeLaune
Old-time music happens
9:00 Anchor Steam Anchorage
Denise Martin, Jim Kerr, John Michaud, Patty Hamre,
Mike Richardson, Dave Hamre
Caller: Bill Martin
Eclectic dance tunes
10:00 Fat Weasel Stringband Eagle River
Brian DeMarcus, Jason Bent, Sherry Hadley
Caller: Bill Martin
Driving old-time tunes for spirited dancers of squares and contras
11:00 Grateful Celtics Juneau
Beth Leibowitz, Cecily Morris, Chris Pace, Rob Bosworth
Caller: Jim Grammel
A little Irish, a bit of New England, a touch of Eastern Europe
12:00 Jubilee Anchorage
Shonti Elder, Denise Martin, Jim Kerr
Caller: Kari Lundgren
Fiddle tunes
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Sunday Afternoon, April 18 * Centennial Hall

12:00 Robin Hopper Chugiak
Robin Hopper and Caitlin Hopper
APRN's 2003 Song of the Year winner. Robin's CD's are available in the lobby
12:15 Flatlands Frank Skagway
Folk rock 60's original acoustic guitar
12:30 Sweet & Low Valdez
Riesa Rose, there will be a few others, we'll have to see who shows up
Country & bluegrass folk music
12:45 Sis Ky'all Stringband Ashland, Oregon
Lawrence Thompson and David Fletcher
Oldtime southern appalachian
1:00 Dave Manning & Rolfe Buzzell Anchorage
Dave is a touring songwriter who spends his summers on the road
making equal parts music and trouble. He found Rolfe, the harp player,
living by the tracks in Anchorage
1:15 Jane Roodenburg Juneau
Hmmm, sort of the same, maybe different, let's have fun
1:30 Sophie and the Blue Jays Juneau
Sophie Lager, John Lager, J.B., and Doug Fanyak
Blues and rock and roll
1:45 Something's Cooking Juneau
Andrea Mogil, Chris Martinez, possible other friends with pots & pans, we hope
Songs from the kitchen
2:00 Old Fart and Guitar Fairbanks
Skip Nodler
Original Songs
2:15 Natalie Edelson Whitehorse, Yukon
Heart surgery for dummies
2:30 Jim Quinsey & Rob Hunter Whitehorse, Yukon
Two colorful guitarists making great sounds around the heart of Jim's emotionally charged songs about life's twists,
turns and joys. They©ˆve been pleasing many a Yukon audience for the past two years.
Described as jazzed out bluesy folk with world influences, their musical paintings are sure to please your ears.
2:45 Arctic Gypsy Swing Band Fairbanks
Alan Bent, Christa Wisneski, Amanda Bent, Phil Cassel
Acoustic swing band
3:00 Zack Freiwald Cameron, North carolina
Original singer/songwriter who plays roots & Americana. www.zackfreiwald.com
3:15 C.A. Wylie & Alex Bloomfield Juneau
Alaska grown jazz and blues
3:30 Primal Thump Sitka
Charlie, Richard, Bonnie, Jeff, Katherine, Jelena, Amelia
Sitka drumming group playing afro-cuban rhythms
Emcee: Greg Maloney
Stage Manager: Genevieve Casey-Smith
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Sunday Evening, April 18 * Centennial Hall

7:00 The Lilting Banshhes Whitehorse
Marg Tatam, Charlene Wilson, Jerome McIntyre, Craig Marcuk
Hold yourself down. This group of noisy neighbors from Whitehorse is going to lift you from your seat
with the power of live Celtic music.
7:15 Rory Stitt Portland, Oregon
Home-town boy returns to play his sultry piano cabaret-pop for the soulful and starry-eyed.
If you like what you see, come experience a full length Rory show at the Hangar Ballroom
on Friday, April 23
7:30 Crow in the Puddle Juneau
Chris Behnke, Henry Hopkins, Safia Rawoot, Lynn Basham
Irish traditional on pipes and various others. Music for unhappy animals or specialized listeners
7:45 Will Putman Fairbanks
Will Putman, Trudy Heffernan, Shonti Elder
Got a new CD, but after playing that stuff all winter we might do something else for a change. Original songs.
8:00 Myrna and the Amazing Musicians Palmer
Myrna Ukelele, Don Anchovy, and other amazing musicians to be announced·
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing·
8:15 Greg McLaughlin & Lis Saya Juneau
Music from Northumberland
8:30 Mule Train & Associates Juneau
Don Drew, Gerry Fiscus
8:45 Sofa Kings Douglas
Eric Holle, Albert McDonnell, Patrick Murphy, Bob Banghart
When Cab Calloway meets Gene Vincent at Tom Waits' house
9:00 Hot Club of Cowtown Austin, Texas
Elana Fremerman, Jake Erwin, Whit Smith
Our Guest Artists for the 30th Annual Alaska Folk Festival!
Emcee: Jeff Brown
Stage Manager: Barbara Pavitt
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Songwriter's Showcase
Saturday and Sunday
Backroom at the Silverbow
All-Day Coffee & Jam
St. Ann's Parish Hall (5th & Gold) * Friday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Potluck breakfast and lunch provided by Juneau contradancers.
Enjoy the food, a huge open band,
dancing, sweet reunions, and if weather cooperates,
fill the streets with music outside the dance hall.
Bring your instrument & dancing shoes.
Juneau folks bring a dish to share
with our out-of-town dancers and musicians
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