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28th Annual


Centennial Hall, Juneau, Alaska

April 8 - April 14, 2002



Guest Artists for the 28th
 Irish musicians extraordonaire:
Frankie Gavin and Brian McGrath
Guest Dance Band (Salsa):
 Guest caller:
Warren Argo
-- Dance Caller, Teacher

Performers, click here for the performer letter.

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Download schedule as PDF file here. Or download each night separateley below:
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Here is the Final Schedule:
This is, more or less, the schedule that went to the printer. Changes are inevitable. Look for the latest updates, in the daily shedules available at the festival.


















Monday, April 8 * Centennial Hall

7:00 Juneau Pride Chorus o Juneau
(Leslie Wood director, Jacque Farnsworth piano, Kelly Henricksen
percussion, Chris Blust, Kristen Bomengen, Marsha Buck, Di Cathcart, Judy Crondahl, Lorie Daniels, Jean Findley, Mary Graham, Kim Kiefer, Maureen Longworth, Pat McLear, Marianne Mills, Tracy Moore, gani et se, Jill Sandleben, Jeanette St. George, Janice Stamper, Pat Tagart, Eve Dillingham, Bonnie Turner, Linda Vallie, Christina Wallace, Susan Warner, Taffy Wells, Corin Whittemore, Rachel Zahnd)
We are a chorus of mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers and grandmothers. Our common bond is a love of singing as we join to celebrate our diversity.

7:15 Tickle Tots o Juneau and Anchorage
(Callie Conerton, Bridget Galvin, Camden Galvin, Alyse Galvin, Cooper Galvin, Sean Galvin, Peter Alsop, Jeff Brown)

Tots of fun that will tickle your fancy.


7:30 Irene o Juneau
(Irene Muller, J. Althea)

Irene is going to do mostly vintage rock 'n' roll tunes for you this year.

7:45 Man In the Desert o Juneau
(John Mark)

Sounds from the other side.

8:00 Simple Messengers o Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
(Pete Beattie, Mary Beattie, Sue Beattie)

Return of the carnivores-fortified by moose meat.

8:15 Scott Miller o Juneau
More or less original songs.


8:30 Don't Go Stey o Juneau
(Jim Stey, Martha Stey)

A couple of good old tunes from the newlyweds.

8:45 Alaskapella o Douglas
(Ed Schoenfeld, Jim Grammel, Jonathan Pollard, Rob Bosworth)

Four guys join in harmony to parody life on the last frontier and elsewhere.

9:00 The Bluescast o Juneau
(J. Althea, Ron Clarke, Laury Roberts Scandling, Mo Hicks, Karl Ohls, Jeff Brown)

Your satirical update on the news of the North.

9:15 Mark and Scott o Juneau
(Mark Bush, C. Scott Fry)


9:30 Paul Fuhs and Friends o Anchorage
(Paul Fuhs, Britney Page, John Bitney)

Tribute to Chet Atkins, George Harrison, Charlie Chaplin & other music writers who have passed on.

9:45 Paul & Melissa Zahasky o Juneau
Albert McDonnell will join us & maybe a couple of others to help make a fun set of tunes.


10:00 Riley Woodford o Juneau
Three songs.


10:15 Mark Jaqua o Douglas
Think globally, write songs locally


10:30 Bryce Edgmon, Becky Miller & Lori Miller o Juneau
Original songs featuring the Miller sisters.

Emcee: John Lager
Stage Manager: Laura Lucas
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Tuesday, April 9 * Centennial Hall

7:00 Alaska Youth Choir o Juneau
Lorrie Heagy, piano


7:15 Patrice Helmar o Talent, Oregon
Home grown solo artist &endash; just couldn't stay away! There's nothing like rainy lovely Juneau, Alaska in April.


7:30 Eric McDowell o Juneau


7:45 Lousiaska o Ester
(Leighton Nunez, Marie Mitchell, Jessica Knott)
Same as Y1all, different name &endash; It1s a swamp stompin' permafrost party!


8:00 Daughters of the New Moon o Juneau
(Dancers - Rebecca Gaguine, Diana Ground, Cherri Bell, Leila Zahara, Tara Moles, Phyllis Scott,

Adrienne Scott, Pilar Scott, Cinefra, Katiyja. Piano: J. Althea, Drums, Matt Gamble)
From Tchaikovsky to the Hollies, composers have dreamed of Scheherazade. J. Althea will present a medley of compositions celebrating the mystique of the Middle Eastern dance.

8:15 Hiram Henry o Juneau
(Hiram Henry, Katie Henry)

Fingerlickin' fingerpickin' and otherwise wholesome fun.

8:30 The Preserves o Juneau
(Albert McDonnell, Jane Roodenberg, Greg Pease, Tony Tengs, Joyce

Levine, Tamara Rice, Bill Glude, Bonnie Herbold, Andrea Mogil, Angelo Norfleet, and others)
Carbonated Folk/Pop for the new millennium.

8:45 Divine Appointment o Juneau
(Patrick Fagg, Toni Fagg)

Folk acoustic bluesy gospel thang.

9:00 Southern Creek o Juneau
(Kris Jones, Lindy Dickson)

You might hear the G run.

9:15 Sonny Chandler o Auke Bay
Sonny Chandler, John Magliotti)

Original acoustical guitar/vocal arrangements.

9:30 Odin Brudie o Juneau
Re-living a previous life through song.


10:00 The Invisible Circus o Juneau
(Brian Sullivan, Georgia Horton)

One hand clapping.

10:15 Bandtogethere o Juneau
(Rainee Godwin, Jim Griswold, Terri Gallant, Albert McDonnell)

A country-folk set of songs with an inclination toward the blues.

10:30 Blade Straight & Steel True o Juneau
(Keith Fremlin, Rik Romerein, J. B. Blankenship)

Two old tunes that have aged like fine wine, & one new original.
Emcee: Riley Woodford
Stage Managers: The Beck Clan: Rachel, Greg, and Paul


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Wednesday, April 10 * Centennial Hall
7:00 Floyd Dryden's 21st Century Guitar Club ("The FledglingFolk-Pickers") o Juneau
(Steven Paradis, Ryan Wetherell, Ciera Kendrick, Brian Walker, David McCasland, Chris Fredell) Flamenco to folk/rock, these middle school beginning performers will
rock you with acoustic sound!

7:15 Curt Terrall o Juneau
Novo Latino Guitar.


7:30 The Minimals o Juneau
(Dan Coleman, Dave Coleman)

A progressive approach to surf music, played by the Beverly Hillbillies on a punk rock stage.

7:45 J. Althea & The Ragged Edge o Juneau
(J. Althea, John Hartle, Temsen Peeples, Kevin Miyasato, Alex Nelson)

Ragtime piano and vocals.

8:00 Natalie Edelson o Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Original tunes from the marsh.
"I laughed, I cried: I purchased furs and vodka." Svetlana Podrochenkovitch

8:15 River of Life o Juneau
(Greg Lindsay, Eldon Dennis, Jan Dennis, George Trani, Heidi Johnson, Keith Goering)

Bluegrass tunes from the last frontier.

8:30 Crow in the Puddle o Fairbanks
(Safia Rawoot, Chris Behnke)

Fairbanks students performing original and traditional tunes and songs on fiddle, guitar and whistle.

8:45 Dennis of the North o Anchorage
(Dennis Nelson)

Singer/songwriter performing originals.

9:00 Grateful Celtics o Juneau
(Beth Leibowitz, Cecily Morris, Chris Pace)

Featuring The Society for the Preservation of Slip Jigs and some other fine Celtic material.

9:15 Madame Borka1s Bohunk Review o Juneau
(Collette Costa, Duffy Roodenburg, Terry Schwartz, The Bohunks: Nan,
Lisa, Nicole, Ani, Allison, Shoshana, Lindy, Leah)

Step up and pay your dime for gyrating women. You must be this tall for this ride.

9:30 Bradley Riggins o Juneau
Solo singer with guitar &endash; country music.


9:45 Teri Tibbett, Haley Nelson, Emily Waste o Juneau
My own songs.


10:00 Leif Saya & Garreth McLean
Fiddle & guitar.


10:15 Buddy Tabor o Juneau
The singing house painter &endash; call me for a free estimate. 364-2280.


10:30 Hannah and the Blue J's
(Hannah Lager, John Lager)

A small group with a lot of sole.
Emcee: Ed Schoenfeld
Stage Manager: Anne Fuller
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Thursday Evening, April 11 * Centennial Hall

7:00 Rob, Stephanie and Marian o Juneau
(Rob Seward, Stephanie Hadsel, Marian Seward)
New trio from Juneau debuts at AFF 28!

7:15 Reid Tippets o Juneau
Original songs and lullabies; and a tribute to Lady Liberty.


7:30 Full Circle o Juneau
(Greg Burger, Mary DeSmet)

Finally getting around to it!!!

7:45 Klapa Doo Wopella o Seattle, Washington
(Bill Weis, Jim Hoath, Ted Hunter, Brian Smith)

Male acapella singing of Croatian "klapa" and American "doo-wop" songs in 4-part harmony.

8:00 Frankie Gavin and Brian McGrath o Galway, Ireland
Our Guest Artists for the 28th Annual Alaska Folk Festival


8:45 Fruit of the Loon o Juneau
(Dale McFarlin, Andrea Mogil)

More music for percussion and flute.

9:00 Michael Stackhouse o Fairbanks
Beautiful, intelligent, talented, curvaceous and happy.


10:00 Shamrocks on Ice o Fairbanks
(Julie Baldridge, Erin Tilly, Marty Baldridge)

Music for Former Trees reunion!

10:15 Robin Dale Ford o Fairbanks
The return of one woman, one banjo.


10:30 Stewart Ely o Juneau
Original songs (somebody's, not mine!).

Emcee: Deb Marshall
Stage Manager: Louanne Christian
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Friday Evening, April 12 * Centennial Hall

7:00 Tetrafiddles o Fairbanks
(Scott Darter, Susie Hallinan, Alyna Atkinson, Vallyn Atkinson, Sutapa Banerjee, Aurora Bowers,
Sarah Brauser, McKenzie Brooks, Alex Buetow, Meredith Clark, Simon Crelli, Katy DeLong, Jody March, Joel Martin, Kyla McGroarty, Becca Rorabaugh, Jessie Rostad, Katie Sousa, Collin Stackhouse, Paige Steiner, Rachael Steiner, Lander VerHoef, Nicole Webb, Davida Bantz-LeGuard)

Angelic fiddlers with devilish tunes.


7:15 Raven's Song o Toksook Bay
(Paul Jumbo)

Original Yup'ik songs with some western flavor.

7:30 Chantons au Yukon o Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
(Luc Laferté, Ce1cile Girard)

French Canadian and French continental songs from the past.

7:45 Dan Saddler o Anchorage
Six steel strings sizzling with satirical skewering of Southeast's self-styled statesmen and soggy, cynical citizens.


8:00 Northern River o Fairbanks
(Danny Berberich, Gary Markley, Joe Page, Gary Schultz, Carl Hoffman)

Traditional bluegrass music.

8:15 Alaska Fiddler's Convention & Ron Klein panoramic photo
Wear your favorite (or cleanest) Folk Festival shirt and SMILE!


8:30 Jay Stange o Fairbanks
(Jay Stange, Holly Beck, Charlie Rose)

Original songs from the highways.

8:45 Ari I. Rome o Bainbridge Island
New timey strummin1 tunes from the island.


9:00 Panhandle Crabgrass Revival Band o Juneau
(Princess M, Father JP, Captain Ferg, Panhandle Slim, Silvertongue)

There is water in beer.

9:15 Michael Truax o Juneau
Yes, I have CD1s; no, you can't have them.


9:30 The Wind in the Bores o Douglas
(Henry Hopkins, Wendy Parker, Gary Newman)

Irish session tunes and airs from the Old Country on traditional instruments.

9:45 Burl Sheldon o Haines
Solo guitar and vocal/but probably with accompaniment of "a friend."


10:00 Lou Nathanson o Anchorage
Alaska Song of the Year finalist bears out the view of Voltaire:

"Anything too stupid to be spoken is sung."

10:15 Larry Zarella o Talkeetna
Versatile singer/songwriter/guitarist from the band Denali Cooks.


10:30 Patrick Murphy o Douglas
(Patrick Murphy, Laurel Clough)

Bass fiddlin' fun. Airs, reels, blues and German parlor music.

10:45 Gordie Tentrees o Whitehorse, Yukon
(Gordie Tentrees, Aylie Sparkes, Matt King)

Singer/songwriter. Exciting blues/folk roots with rockabilly twang.
Emcees: Garri Constantine
Stage Manager: Robin Walz
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Saturday Afternoon, April 13 * Centennial Hall

12:00 Juneau Community Charter School o Juneau
Students from this arts-based public school share some of their favorite songs, rounds & quodlibets.

12:15 Emeralds o Anchorage
(Ethan Barske, Matt Crimp, Maria Leffek, Matt Smith)

Hottest youth fiddle band in Alaska. Past performers at the Alaska and Anchorage Folk Festivals.

12:30 Middle Schoolers o Juneau
Heather Castillo, TJ Hovest, Steven Ryals, Siarra Tucker, Brittany Buell, Morgen Gage, Erica Judson, Flora File)

We are middle schoolers who love to play Irish tunes.

12:45 Clark County o Fairbanks
(Danny Berberich, George Gianakopoulos, Carl Hoffman, Jeremy Kane, Nathan Swartz)

Traditional bluegrass (from Ohio, but with an Alaskan flavor).

1:00 Dave Manning o Anchorage
Dave has his foot firmly in the door of the Alaska songwriting scene, the other foot is usually in his mouth. He's been a semifinalist the last 2 years at the Alaska Song of the Year contest.


1:15 Karen Boylan o Anchorage
Original music from her CD "Dance Across White Horses."


1:30 Rank Strangers o Anchorage|
(Joel Kadarauch, Greg Booth, Frank Solivan, Joe Page, Noonzio Scholacci)

These fine musicians demonstrate why it's possible to make even hundreds of dollars per year playing bluegrass music!

1:45 Katie Henry o West Lebanon, New Hampshire
Original songs.


2:00 Robin Greene & Rolfe Buzzell o Anchorage
Anchorage songwriters performing original songs about the thrill of falling in love, celebrating friendships, and the agony of lost love during Alaska's Gold Rush era.


2:15 Disturbing the Peace o Haines Junction, Yukon Territory
(John Faulkner, Steve Maltby, Peter Milner, Bob Hayes)


2:30 Mark Wittow/Frozen Toes o Seattle and Anchorage
(Mark Wittow, John Osnes, Lucy Peckham, Mike Mitchell)

Guitar and vocals, violin, cello and bass -- reuniting for a few of our favorite songs.

2:45 North Douglas Nightingale o Juneau
(Sophie Lager)

Songs from the heart.

3:00 Brookelyn Bellinger o Fairbanks
Toe-tappin acoustic pop originals.


3:15 Britt Arnesen o Fairbanks
Musical equivalent of a vanilla latte &endash; original songs from a cold winter.


3:30 Shelton and Stephen o Juneau
(Stephen Bodnar, Shelton Gay)

A touch of folk with a bit of a brogue.
Emcee: Susan Fitzgerald
Stage Manager: Art Morris
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 Saturday Evening, April 13 * Centennial Hall  

7:00 The O'Tooles o Cordova
(Kevin O'Toole, Linden O'Toole, Malani O'Toole, Makena O'Toole)
We don't sing flat, but then we ain't the sharpest O'Tooles in the shed, either.

7:15 Polar Drive o Fairbanks
(Nancy Bayer, Charlie Hunt, Lynn Basham)

Polar Drive without the wind.

7:30 Art Johns & Friends o Carcross, Yukon Territory
Traditional, country, western & folk.


7:45 Both Wild o Portland, Oregon
(Andrea Wild, Straford Wild)

Brother-Sister duo from Liverpool performing traditional a capella English folk songs.

8:00 Hank Cramer o Winthrop, Washington
Traveling folksinger with booming bass voice, flat-top guitar, and wry humor.


8:15 Pat Henry o Juneau
Songs from Jeanie's kitchen.


8:30 Five Buck Fiddle o Fairbanks
(Uncle Buck, Pete Bowers, Joe Karson, George Gianakopoulos, Cliff Hobsen)

Old time music.

8:45 Last Night's Fun o Eagle River
(Dan Possumato, John Walsh, Mark Ward, Ken Karabelnikoff, Gerard MacDonnell)

Traditional Irish folk music.

9:00 Red Elk o Anchorage
(Richard Gelardin, Linda Ziegler)

Music, traditional.

9:15 Kevin Barr o Carcross, Yukon Terrritory


9:30 Julie Mae Pigott o Juneau
Songs for movin' on &endash; We1ll miss our Juneau friends.


9:45 Bearfoot Bluegrass o Cordova
(Kate Hamre, Jason Norris, Mike Mickelson, Malani O1Toole, Angela Oudean, Annalisa Woodlee)

Alaskan grown teens win Telluride Best Band Contest! Thanks to all you Alaskans that fed them
on great music!

10:00 Janice Stamper o Juneau
Original folk songs.


10:15 The Improbabillies o Homer & Seattle
(Forrest Gibson, Rich Stearns, Brian DeMarcus, Grant Dermody, Scott Meyer)

Billy music &endash; the blues, old time, and anything in between.

10:30 Return of the Buskers o Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
(Mike Wanner, Bob Kupper, Remi Rodden)

Eclectic & humor served in the true style only the Main Street Buskers can cook up.

10:45 Lindarna o Portland, Oregon
(Ellen Hansen, Sally & John White, Denis Wilkinson)

Scandinavian polskas, schottisches, hambos with rich fiddle harmonies.

11:00 Robin Hopper o Chugiak
Robin is back again, with some new songs and a new CD!


11:15 Fiery Gypsies o Juneau
(Steve Tada, Dale Wygant, Phil Miscovich, John Staub, Bruce Simonson)

Country Eastern music.
Emcee: Colette Costa
Stage Manager: Rik Romerein
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Sunday Afternoon, April 14 * Centennial Hall

12:00 Firefly Fiddlers o Juneau
All 4th - 6th graders at the Juneau Community Charter School participate in the school's
Suzuki Violin program under the direction of Xia Guohua & Lorrie Heagy.

12:15 Pam Bob & Friends o Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
(Pam Bob, Robin Gilson, Deb Jutra)

Performing original material based on "Healing Through Music."

12:30 Sammy Grant o Juneau
A Connecticut hippie gal comes to Alaska1s musical court to do a couple folk songs and just have a great time!!


12:45 Trailer Trash o Angoon
(Steve Plasse, Pancho Carboy)

Boogie magic perfected within the paneled walls of a moldy trailer in Angoon.

1:00 Chillberries o Anchorage
(Jim Wolfe, Carol Anne Hogins-Wolfe, Megan Wolfe)

The fiddling Wolfe pack descends on Juneau once again.

1:15 Paul Roseland &endash; "The Singing Sourdough" o Anchorage
Collector of Alaska folk music for over 50 years. His collection also includes Gold Rush, cowboy and logging songs.


1:30 Nate Montgomery & Leah Sansone o Fairbanks


1:45 Will Putman and Trudy Heffernan o Fairbanks
More original songs &endash; you1d think we could come up with something different after all this time.


2:00 Nicole Edwards o Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
Yukoner Nicole Edwards was nominated for the West Coast Music Awards after the success of
her CD "On With My Day." According to the Yukon News: "Unplugged, she's a quietly intense presence with a textured voice and folksy-bluesy approach to songwriting."


2:15 Two Steps Up o Wasilla
(Karen Rosene, George Paul, Lynn Basham)

Intercontinental Irish music to rev your motor and soothe your soul.

2:30 Annalisa o Portland, Oregon
(Annalisa Woodlee, Emily Tornfelt, Robert Tornfelt)

Jazz, classical, folk, and bluegrass blended into a unique melodic sound. Her upbeat energy and mature songwriting will have you either dancing or crying.

2:45 Monica Lettner o Anchorage
Folk/rock singer/songwriter will perform original music from latest CD project. Has performed 2 jazz concerts and is the lead singer for rock band Killer Rabbit. Has a studio in Anchorage and teaches voice, piano, and performance


3:00 Michael and Dorothy Wittig o Juneau
A father/daughter combo. Old Western songs, harmony yodeling, nice stuff.


3:15 Van Lizard o Juneau
Val Sorensen, Martha DeFreest)

"We do good stuff!" In the spirit of newgrass creativity, this banjo/fiddle duo will change the pace break some rules, and certainly entertain you!

3:30 Dave Stancliff o Tok
Rising with a guitar & voice.

Emcee: Sara Boario
Stage Manager: Julia O'Malley
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Sunday Evening, April 14 * Centennial Hall 

7:00 Skagway Beach Picnic o Skagway
(Barbara Kalen, Ardy Miller, Mary Beattie, Pete Beattie, Sue Beattie, Rob Miller, Mike Wanner,
Gene Bartell)
Remembering Stephen Foster.

7:15 Lachance & Simanis o Yukon Territory
(Gary Lachance, Eric Simanis)

Yukon folk singers.

7:30 Leaf on the Wind o Deer Harbor, Washington
(Jeff Heys)

Gypsy, original, and Celtic tunes on the hammered dulcimer, performed by 2 wandering Nordenskjald

7:45 Sarah C. Hanson o Fairbanks


8:00 String Cheese o Juneau
(Greg Albrecht, Hale Loofborrow, Stephen Perry)

2 parts guitar, 1 part violin, and a dash of redhead.

8:15 Alan Plaster o Douglas
Country-western singer and guitarist.


8:30 Ann McBeth o Fairbanks
(Ann McBeth, Alex Clarke, Robin Dale Ford, Pat Fitzgerald, Forrest

Original songs from her brand-new CD "No Going Back."

8:45 Joe Page and Mando Commando o Anchorage
(Joe Page, Forrest Gibson, Frank Solivan, Robin Dale Ford)

Joe celebrates 25 years at the Folk festival playing original tunes
with original friends.

9:00 Frankie Gavin and Brian McGrath o Galway, Ireland
Our Guest Artists for the 28th Annual Alaska Folk Festival!


10:00 Goodnight Irene
(Alaska Folk Festival performers and audience)

Our traditional closing song for the Alaska Folk Festival.
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Dance Schedule: Thursday Evening, April 11 * National Guard Armory 

9:00 Ripinski's Ghost • Haines
(Len Feldman, Nancy Metashvili, Rob Goldberg, Marty Morgenbesser)
Eastern European tunes with our own guest caller.
10:00 Fiddlestorm • Fairbanks
(Scott Darter, Susie Hallman, Sutapa Banerjee, Simon Crelli, Katie Sousa,
Collin Stackhouse, Rachael Stiner)
Fiddle tunes to make the spirit dance.

Valerie DeLaune caller (Juneau, All Contras, All the time!)

11:00 Rueben's • Juneau
(Jack Fontanella, Reynaldo Suarez, Johnse Ostman, Sean Tracey)

We like to play &endash; you like to dance. Let's go!
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Dance Schedule: Friday Evening, April 12 * National Guard Armory

7:00 The Animatronic Stage Show o Juneau
(Lacey Ingalls, Sadie Ingalls, Dale McFarlin, James Buckley, Marlon Lumba, Luke Metcalfe)
Hip hop, funk, jazz, blues, Latin, we play it all and some sweet grooves.
8:00 Caribé o Juneau
(Humberto Hernandez, Eric Ocacio, John Ingalls, Dave Tubley, Vincent
Lew, Jasmin Ortiz, Conrado Ebron)
An eclectic mix of latino pop & classic hits. Dances include merengues, boleros, son, cha-cha & salsa.
9:00 DANG! o Fairbanks
(Pat Fitzgerald, Robin Dale Ford, Eric Graves)
Old time string band rock for free-form dancing.
10:00 The Channel Lights o Petersburg
(Chris Marshall, Daniel Savone, Curtis Rogers, Kerry Shakarjian, Jeff Robinson, Susan Fuqua)
Six-piece 501s & 601s Chicago style, electric blues band.
11:00 Ray-Jen Cajun o Homer
(Ray Garrity, Jen King, Scotty Meyer, Mike Patch, Jeff Szarzi, Aileen
Dance to Zydeco and Cajun two steps and waltzes.
12:00 C-Notes o Douglas
(Danny Consenstein, John Hartle, Mike Stanley, Albert McDonnell, Clay Good, Jay Caputo, Mark Ramonda Bob Banghart)
"The C-Notes ride again."
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Dance Schedule: Saturday, April 13 * National Guard Armory

7:00 Salsa Borealis o Juneau
(Russell Sandstrom, Curt Terrall, Albert MacDonell, Mike Stanley, Mike Fieldhouse, Marc Ramonda, Mike Busey)
"Musica Muy Picante" and try it with our new CD for a really spicy treat!
8:00 Cambalache o Seattle, Washington
(Francisco Chavez, Scott Baker, Clifton Swiggett, Nelda Swiggett, Mike Dorr, Mario Barrera, Nathan Vettter, Gonzalo Cerna, Ernesto Pediangco)
Salsa from the Guest Dance Band for the 28th Annual Alaska Folk Festival!
10:00 My Home Upholstery Strang Ensemble o Anchorage
(George Scleichter, Sherri Hadley, Linda Zeigler, John Michaud, Peter Zug)
Caller: Kari Lundgren (Sitka)
11:00 Fat Weasel o Eagle River
(Brian DeMarcus, Jason Bent, Steve Montooth, Aileen McInnis, Christy Williams)
Caller: Warren Argo (Seattle)
Driving old-time tunes to make all the square and contra dancers dance like no one is watching!
12:00 Rex Blazer and Friends o Juneau
(Rex Blazer, Sheri Hazeltine, John Hartle, Bill Glude)
Raging! Insouciant and triangular.
Caller: Warren Argo (Seattle)
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Songwriter's Showcase
Saturday and Sunday
Backroom at the Silverbow
All-Day Coffee & Jam
St. Ann's Parish Hall (5th & Gold) * Friday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Potluck breakfast and lunch provided by Juneau contradancers.
Enjoy the food, a huge open band,
dancing, sweet reunions, and if weather cooperates,
fill the streets with music outside the dance hall.
Bring your instrument & dancing shoes.
Juneau folks bring a dish to share
with our out-of-town dancers and musicians


Going to print the Saturday workshop schedule? Use this PDF file

Going to print the Sunday workshop schedule? Use this PDF file

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